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We are dedicated to producing great tasting dairy products packed with natural goodness, vitality and flavour

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At Crediton Dairy we’re dedicated to producing great tasting dairy products packed with natural goodness, vitality and flavour. We supply fresh flavoured dairy drinks, iced coffee and long life milks and creams in a comprehensive range of pack sizes and formats to nearly all of the UK’s major supermarkets as well as leading foodservice, convenience and wholesale businesses. Crediton Dairy products are also now exported to a number of international markets including China.

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Our range of long life milks are versatile, wholesome and a great source of calcium. Their natural vitamins and minerals, such as riboflavin and Vitamin B12, contribute to stronger bones and all-round wellbeing. Unopened, our long life milks will last in the cupboard for up to 6 months, due to our ultra-heat treatment process.

Our long life creams are made to the same ultra-heat treatment process as our long life milks and include chilled single and whipping, and ambient single varieties. These products were developed with professional chefs to fulfil a range of uses, from whipping through to heating. They offer all the goodness and quality of fresh cream, but last longer.
Since 2009 we have supplied some of the UK’s biggest food retailers with own-label ranges of fresh flavoured milks. We continually review the recipes and formats to ensure consumers receive great quality, value and choice.
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We work with a number of partners in our development of fresh functional milks. Unilever has appointed us as the sole UK manufacturer of their Flora Pro.Activ milk (skimmed cow’s milk with added plant sterols) which is clinically proven to actively lower cholesterol.
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Crediton Dairy is one of the UK’s leading dairy drinks businesses producing a comprehensive range of fresh flavoured and functional chilled milk drinks, iced coffee drinks and long life milks & creams. Located in the heart of Devon, we are dedicated to producing great tasting dairy products made from British milk supplied by our group of local, family-run, dairy farms.

If you’re a farmer who would like more information on supplying Crediton, please contact the Dairy