New Product Development

Crediton Dairy is committed to innovation and to leading the added value milk category through the development of exciting and innovative, dairy based milks, creams and iced coffee drinks. We work closely and collaboratively with all our own label customers to create bespoke NPD pipelines and strategies, and to continually launch new products that will excite and inspire the consumer. Our brands also lead the way in the dairy aisles, and we invest in regular reformulation programmes to make sure they always benchmark as amongst the best in the market.

We have an experienced and passionate NPD team who know dairy drinks inside out and who strive to produce the best possible recipes and formulations, from enhancing the classic core flavours to creating new and exciting limited editions. The team ensure that they have an eye on all emerging consumer trends and have extensive contacts across the food industry so are always up to date with new or innovative flavours or functional ingredients as they become available. Health and nutrition is also very important to Crediton Dairy, meaning we are always trying to make our products more healthy as well as great tasting and we work closely with our customers in areas such as sugar reduction. We also conduct regular market research to allow us to better understand specific consumer needs and spot potential opportunities for new types of dairy drinks. Our dedicated product development centre is always a hive of activity as we apply all of our passion and knowledge to create new products that are loved by all ages, helping us to fulfil our ambition of bringing the great taste, and health benefits of dairy to as many people as possible.

We’re working on the next generation of Crediton Dairy products right now, so if you’ve got a great idea please get in touch at