Our dairy, located in the heart of the Devon market town of Crediton, was established on its present location in 1947.  Originally processing fresh milk from local farms it began producing long life milk twenty-one years later.

1968 Express Dairies produce long life milk.

1992 Express Dairies are taken over by Northern Foods.

2009 Milk Link invests significantly in the site. Production of fresh flavoured milk begins, alongside long life milk products.

2012 Milk Link merges with Arla Foods.

2013+ Neil Kennedy and Tim Smiddy lead a management buy-out of the business and the dairy continues to be a major employer and user of local services and suppliers.

We’re proud to support the local dairy industry and the local community. Our business helps to sustain the area’s dairy farming enterprises, while our CSR program contributes to a number of nearby charitable and community organisations.